Link to your TD Ameritrade™ Account

Each FreedomFolios profile will be linked to one of your TD Ameritrade™ accounts. This will significantly streamline the process of following our suggested portfolios.

What happens when I click the Link My Account button?

You will be redirected to a TD Ameritrade™ authorization page. There, you will enter the username and password of your TD Ameritrade™ account and then click the Allow button to authorize this app to connect.

Link My Account

FreedomFolios uses a TD Ameritrade software interface to gather basic data on your investment accounts such as cash and money market balances, current investment holds, and values. FreedomFolios does not gather, retain, store, or otherwise have access to any personal account information such user identification information, passwords, addresses, or tax ID’s.
Be sure to assess the tax consequences before buying or selling any holding inside of a non-qualified, taxable investment account. You can learn about this topic by clicking here.

About This Page

This page links your profile to your investment/trading account. Once linked, we can programmatically synchronize your FreedomFolios Newsletter/Subscription with your TD Ameritrade account.
Freedomfolios is designed to work exclusively with TD Ameritrade investment accounts.
For more information about how to open a TD Ameritrade account, please click here.
Freedomfolios will function with any account type such as a ROTH IRA, IRA, SIMPLE IRA, Individual or Joint account. Freedomfolios will need your account to have margin enabled. It is a fairly easy process to request margin from TD. If you need help, watch this video.

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